Junk Removal

Downsizing? Moving? Creating a new look? We can help

Junk Removal

Appliance Removal

Refrigerators, stoves, washing machine, call us to remove any appliance from your home by our team!


Attic & Basement Cleanouts

You stashed it in the attic or stored it in the basement…now you can’t remember what you have! Our crew will help you sort through to rediscover items and remove and dispose of unwanted items.


Construction Debris Removal

Post construction cleanup — we load and haul away all construction debris quickly and efficiently, even the heavyweight items; and we even sweep up after!


Electronics Disposal

We make electronics disposal environmentally safe — we can recycle and dispose of items such computers, televisions (including old console TVs), printers, faxes, VCRs, stereo systems, DVD players, tape decks, and more. Get rid of those old electronics taking up valuable space and trust that we will do it safely and correctly.


Furniture Removal

We will haul your old mattress, box springs, beds, cabinets, chairs, couches, rugs, desks, tables, dressers, armoires, shelving units, vanities — anything you want to get rid of — out of your space and either put it in hands of someone in need or dispose of it responsibly.


Hoarder Junk Removal

Sadly, hoarding can cause people to become prisoners in their own homes. We know that in many of these cases, it can be hard to determine what is of real value, sentimental or otherwise and that getting rid of things can be very difficult.

We understand this and we will work with you to make sure all the truly unnecessary junk is removed properly. If it makes it easier for you we will help you find places your items can go where they will be of great help to others and respectfully and responsibly dispose of the rest.


Household Item Removal

Downsizing? Moving? Creating a new look? Clear out your kitchen (plates, cups, dishes, silverware, etc.) living room (lamps, books, rugs, carpets, artwork, knick-knacks) bedrooms and bath (sheets, blanket, pillows, towels) — if you’ve got and you don’t want it, we will take it away and either put it in the hands of someone who is in need or dispose of it responsibly.


Light Demo

Remodeling your home means debris; removing your old shed; debris… we can take care of hauling away all the debris and mess.


Shed & Fence Removal

Have an old fence or shed that needs to be removed? Versacor Enterprises is happy to handle the task.