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Are there installation guides for my new equipment?

Yes. These guides are designed to inform our customers of the best practices and procedures for a quality installation:

  1. Play Set Installation​
  2. Play Set Maintenance
  3. Basketball Hoop Installation
  4. Ice Rink Installation
  5. NiceRink Installation
  6. ​Trampoline Inspection, Care, and Maintence​​
  7. Trampoline Installation
What is the installation process for a basketball hoop?
  1. Get product knowledge on the hoop you want to purchase (We sell all brands of hoops) 
  2. Get a quote for Installation 
  3. Make a payment to lock in your two day installation. NOTE: There are no holds on dates without payment.
  4. READ and sign all documents through docusign.
  5. Call dig safe, IT'S THE LAW.  It takes 5 min or less, tell them who is Installing and they will ask for the nearest cross street.
Can you move or turn a hoop after it's installed?
NO. Once you approve the location and placement of the anchor, the concrete will set. There are no adjustments that can be made.
So be 100% sure you spend enough time on day 1 with the install team. If you want us to return to make adjustments, it will need to be jackhammered out and could cost as much as $1500.00 
Do I need to be home for my installation?
YES. If you are not home the day of your installation and you want us to return to make adjustments, there will be charges to move or adjust any install. 
Can I buy a basketball hoop and the installation through Versacor?
YES. We can sell you any brand of basketball hoops with installation, all you need to do is request a quote from your sales person. 

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